Missionary: “Trump’s Comments Won’t Change My Vote”.

I’ve been sharing the Gospel with people for 21 years. I’ve often said, “The heart of the Human problem is the problem of the human heart, and only Jesus & God’s Spirit can change that”.

“Why call me good? There is One who is good & that is God.” – Jesus


In 2015 Donald Trump was  not a Christian when he admitted he never asked God for forgiveness. He didn’t lie about it, which tells me he isn’t trying to pretend. Donald Trump is like many non-christian business men, they like their playthings, which include women who like to play.

But they often also have a heart of gold for people as well.

There are an endless amount of good things Trump has done, and the are an endless amount of people who know Trump who have testified as to how good of a man he is. He befriended an 11 year old girl on the Maury Povich show, to which Maury said to the little girl,

   “He (Donald Trump) is one of the most generous people I know” – Maury Povich

Jesse Jackson gave credit to Donald Trump for helping create the Rainbow Coalition in New York.

Jennifer Hudson was sheltered by Trump in his hotel in Chicago for free after her family was killed in Chicago.

Larry King told Mac Miller that Trump was a really good man, especially a good father.

The list is endless. The problem is, Trump, nor his surrogates are telling people about the good things he has done.

Video: “Trump, a heart of Gold like no other”

     We have all become language police, to others

     It is criminal how hypocritical Americans have become. There is hardly a person who does not say awful things, and yet, these same people, tens of millions of them, jump on everything people say who have different politics than them.  

Christians are not to do this. For we know, “There is none righteous, no not one”. We know our own sin and are focused on becoming better people through the metamorphosis of, and surrender to, the Holy Spirit.

        Most of these hypocrites don’t really care

It politics, every single thing you can exploit about your opponent is used by most people. The left are still angry about what the right did to Bill Clinton after what he did to several women. Bill Clinton was impeached. In Bill Clinton we see how much the left really is not bothered by things they consider ‘sexist’. Bill Clinton is a star on the left. The feminazis have turned a blind eye to all of his victims, and embraced Bill at speech after speech.  He makes millions of dollars in speaking fees…from the same people who are calling Donald Trump’s words terrible.

Video: “Hillary Clinton is the War on women”.

       Sticks and Stones

    “Sticks and Stones can break my bones but names will never hurt me”.

We all have said this at some time, and we all meant it. It is true. And yet, the left has completely changed this in the minds of millions of people. They now believe words in themselves cause real life injury. When in reality, the only people’s whose words should affect us are those whom we have respect for. For if a cockroach called you a “Bitch”, would you be offended? Of course not, its a cockroach. In the same way, we should not be affected by people whom we have no respect for.

If we are dealing with reality, the following things are vastly more damaging than Trump’s bad language.

The war in Iraq which Hillary led us to with her vote. Almost a million people have died since we invaded unlawfully.  The reader should go look at pictures of the casualties of war. These are real people who had every right to live, and Hillary and the other Washington elites led us to invade illegally.

The 1994 Crime Bill which Hillary went all over promoting for her husband. This bill led to Mass Incarceration of hundred of thousands of people for minor drug offenses. In this case you cannot just look at images of the damage done. The consequence of this bill shed a billion tears. Fatherless children, millions of them. Futures shattered. Marriages broken. Suicides in prison.

For those felons who did get out of prison, the 1994 Crime Bill also took food stamps away from poor felons. What this did to the black community cannot be calculated. When a family is already poor, and you take away their food assistance, you create homelessness , depression, and starvation.

At the same time of the release of this audio of Trump, you also had Hillary’s transcripts of the speeches she gave to banks. In them she promises trying to create am open border policy in the United States.

The Government Accounting Report on Illegal Immigrant crime from 2011 showed that 62,000 women were raped by Illegal Immigrants from 1990-2010. 23,000 murders, 205,000 assaults. These are real people, not words. If only they were words. These women , and men, and children, are across this nation. Hillary knows about the violence towards Americans, but she doesn’t care.What she does care about is the money that banks give her to further their desires to bring more illegals to this country thus allowing the banks to profit from paying low salaries.

Yes Trump said some awful things, but Hillary attacked Bill Clinton’s rape victims. What should be more offensive than Trump’s words, are Hillary’s ads telling Americans that every rape victim should be heard and cared for. FROM HER ACTIONS, WE KNOW SHE DOES NOT TRULY BELIEVE THIS. She is lying for votes.

Victims of Illegal Immigration

   Only Trump

Hillary Clinton has shown herself to be a sociopath. She is 100 times more frightening then Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is the typical unbeliever in this county.  I would much rather have a typical American male, than a lying sociopath leading our country.


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Michael Andrew

Leahy is a student of Jesus Christ. Born Again, the Holy Spirit pulls him to and fro doing God's work. In 2009 he had a dream that lasted all night. The dream was a voice saying these words repeatedly. "“The Spirit of the LORD is upon You, ​​Because He has anointed You ​​To preach the gospel to the poor; ​​He has sent You to heal the brokenhearted, ​​To proclaim liberty to the captives ​​And recovery of sight to the blind, ​​To set at liberty those who are oppressed; ​To proclaim the acceptable year of the LORD." This is Luke 4.18, HOWEVER, the "me" in the dream was changed to "You" as if God were speaking to Malaach. This has led to a life of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with many, and seeking to end abortion.

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