“Disciple,what do you think about Medical Marijuana”.

Jesus established a commandment to all Disciples. 

Matthew 23:8 (KJV) But be not ye called Rabbi: for one is your Master, [even] Christ; and all ye are brethren.

Matthew 23:10 (KJV) Neither be ye called masters: for one is your Master, [even] Christ.

‘Rabbi’ means:

‘Master’ means:

    Jesus is our only guide, teacher, and person of honor.

    By extensively using the Tenach, or Old Testament, Jesus confirmed the authority of those texts and as such we may also learn from them. But the realm of learning from scripture ends at Luke.

   When someone asks a Disciple a question, we see what Jesus or the Tenach said about that topic.

    Marijuana is not in the Bible. Therefore the answer is:

1. I do not know.

2. It is between you & God. 

    The person asking the question, if they are a Disciple of Jesus, should go straight to God in prayer through Christ.

    If I were to offer my opinion on the matter, I would be stepping in the place of God and Jesus. This is breaking the commandment Jesus set in The New Covenant.

      ‘Christians’ are often puffed up with pride when asked what they think. They may compare weed to alcohol and say, “weed is okay because alcohol is ok”. Or, “God doesn’t want us to suffer, so do whatever helps relieve pain”.

   This idea that God doesn’t want us to suffer is not scriptural. Jesus clearly says it’s better to pluck out an eye, or cut off a hand, than to sin.

    Finally, let’s read what Jesus says after:

Matthew 23:12 (KJV) “And whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased; and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted”.

Matthew 23:13 (HCSB) “But woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! You lock up the kingdom of heaven from people. For you don’t go in, and you don’t allow those entering to go in”.

     When we exalt ourselves to the position of our master & Rabbi , we will certainly be humbled.

    “You lock up the kingdom of Heaven from people”…

   The Kindom of Heaven is wherever a Disciple is. Jesus is the King, Yahweh is God.

 But the scribes & Pharisees replaced God by calling their own writings God’s Word. The Talmud is a vast collection of Rabbinical writings that Jews consider authoritative.  These writings add 100s of laws, and block people from the Kingdom of Heaven, and place them in a kingdom of man made traditions. 

    Since the time Luke was finished many writings have been added, all claiming to be “God’s Word”. 

     From Clement’s Hebrews, to John, to the Book of Mormon, to the Quran [which sought to replace God’s word entirely]. 

    If we share what Jesus taught only, then we will expand the Kingdom of Heaven and “make disciples of all nations”.

Proximity Bias [ prologue ]

Proximity Bias is my term. It means , a ‘religious’ bias that people hold. This bias says, “my denomination is right”, “my faith is the truth”. But in reality all these people did was accept the faith/denomination nearest to them, most popular in their area, the first church they walked into, or that their parents raised them in. They never actually went to God and approached his word without bias, the bias is stems from traditions of men, and it blinds almost all ‘religious’ people. As a missionary, it is the biggest problem when sharing the Gospel with a Muslim…it is also the biggest problem when discussing doctrine with denominational Christians. They will swear God is 3, and yet we know He is One and only One. But they were taught this, they were manipulated into a lie. It is also their fault for not treating God as God, and instead Calvin, Luther, Joseph Smith, Parham, or some other people is their god. If you want to be in the Truth [which God desires], you need to shrug off everything man taught you about the word, and approach it in prayer and pray for no bias.

“Why do you call me good? There is only ONE who is good, and that is God” ~ Jesus

“Hear O Israel the LORD thy God is One!” ~Moses

“I go back to my God” ~Jesus

“The Father is greater than me”. ~Jesus

“Not my will, but thine”. ~Jesus


If you would like help overcoming all bias, and want help , I can help. I wont tell you what to think, but, how to get the true meaning of the Bible out of it.

It takes prayer with ears, God does speak directly to people.

It take a brutality to take down all the lies you have been taught and accept God’s Word literally

And it takes looking into the Greek and Hebrew texts occasionally .

For example, when Jesus says, “Narrow is the way”, the word narrow means to be persecuted. People think this is talking about holiness, and it does in a sense, but the idea is a life committed to God so much that you are persecuted.

“He who lives Godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted”. ~ Paul [ this is off memory, maybe not a direct quote}

When Jesus says “whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire.”
[ empty head ~ stupid ] will put you in danger of hell fire, he meant it.
It would be wise to take His Word literally by default.
{μωρός mōrós, mo-ros’; probably from the base of G3466; dull or stupid (as if shut up), i.e. heedless, (morally) blockhead, (apparently) absurd:—fool(-ish, X -ishness).}

But we do it dont we?!

The question is not whether or not calling REAL Christians [‘brothers’] stupid will throw us into hell, Jesus says so. It is settled, the action we take is to stop it. And then also think about why God says this. Why is calling people stupid so serious? Trying to stop is hard, try it! lol.

Declare war on your bias
Submit to God completely
Dont look back.

~ In Christ