It’s a Good Day for the Unborn

In a few short years, the New Conservative Supreme Court will make a ruling that will give the Right to Life to all unborn babies. While there are various way this will happen, one thing is clear, the 1 million murders a year will be greatly reduced.

Babies will go from having a 80% chance of being born, to a 99.5% ( rough guess) chance of being born.

Babies who would at one time have been ripped apart, now will be born and given the freedom to live.


Women who would have once suffered from the abortion their entire lives, will now have a baby and never regret they did.

“A woman, when she is in labor, has sorrow because her hour has come; but as soon as she has given birth to the child, she no longer remembers the anguish, for joy that a human being has been born into the world.” ~ Jesus

Classrooms with empty seats will be filled.

Dad’s and Grandparents will go from a life of thinking about a baby boy/girl who was never born, will now celebrate the birthdays of their child.

    We must remind people of the dark days of Abortion

While pro-lifers celebrate life, we will have to educate more people on what abortion is        [ Murder , Manipulation of women], what is isn’t [ Healthcare , a “choice” ]. For this is how abortion became legal in all 9 months in 1973. Back then no one really knew much about abortion, or the development of the baby in the womb. Eventually the sonogram came to be and people could see babies had all the parts we have at 8 weeks old. Then the film “The Silent Scream” came and people could see a baby being ripped to shreds , while pushing away, at 12 weeks old.

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Each of us must have conversations with all the people we know. We must make a solid case for the Right to Life of all babies. We must show them pictures of what abortion looks like, and remind them that at one time we were murdering 1.5 MILLION babies a year. Our goal will be to show people the reality that America committed, a Holocaust of Infants with 47 MILLION more casualties than Hitler’s Holocaust.


Planned Parenthood will be angry at the loss of 100s of millions of dollars due to the Right to Life being given to babies. They will do whatever they have to , to take the rights of babies away again. They will again appeal to the worst side of human nature, the selfish side that will kill a child in order to live as the person wants.  Heroic people will die in the place of a child, planned parenthood persuades people that a comfortable life is worth more than their own children.

We must be well equipped to show people what is real.

I will be laying out the lies planned parenthood is telling women, and I will instruct             pro-lifers  how to respond in the future. But as for now, its a good day for the unborn and a good day to just enjoy Trump’s Victory.



Empathy Votes to End the Hidden Holocaust

Every empathetic voter will vote to end this after they read this.


First, I need to ask the reader to put somethings into words that I cannot.

Everything I am about to say I will provide concrete evidence for at the end, so please, as you read this, try to imagine that this is reality. Not just my reality, but a daily reality which is taking place in the heart and minds of millions of women.


I am asking the reader to vote to end this reality, and save America from an abyss of pain and emptiness caused by this present darkness.

So please, I begin by asking you to find a word for something that I cannot put into words.

A story, a comparison, I will use to convey this reality. For much of the language we use, we have become desensitized & deaf to.

If you saw a woman and her baby sitting in a park, the mother cradling the baby in her arms, the baby so close the familiar soothing sound of mom’s heartbeat reverberates through the child’s being. Reader, you have likely seen a woman with her new born.


Tell me, what is the word for it? Beautiful? This word does not describe it. There is no words that can describe what is going on between a new born baby and the mother. In all of human experience what would make a better painting? Or a theme for a poem? What on earth is comparable to this?

If you saw this same woman for a few months and then suddenly one day the woman hands the baby over to a strange man who then kills the baby, what words would there be to describe this accurately?

If this happened 3,000 times a day, what word would you have?

Yes, 3,000 times a day. On Park benches, on trains, in cars, at the movie theaters, in parks, everywhere.

What emotion would you feel? Would this terror escape your mind? Could you put it to the side and move on with your life? Or would it consume you?  Staring into this darkness it stares into you.

Imagine that the reason that women do this is because they are told 30 reasons, starting at a young age, why this is okay and beneficial.

But it gets worse, immediately after the women do this, most of them go into a terrible dark depression. It is so bad that many commit suicide and after 10 years, 30%  of the ones who are still alive suffer from serious mental disorders. These women cannot look away from the darkness, for they chose it. Whether out of ignorance of the reality or not, they chose this darkness.

What word then would you have for all of this?

It was one thing to see it once

It was another to know it happens 3,000 times a day

And finally it was another when you found out that 1000s of the women commit suicide, and millions have lived in the blackest darkness alone in pain.

The Reality

The Reality is not much different.

The reality is , you don’t see this happen, but it happens.

The reality is, the baby is still in the womb, but it is still a baby.

The reality is 1000s of women have committed suicide while the abortion industry and the Democrat party have convinced women that

The Lies

1. “Its not a baby, it’s a fetus”

Live Sonogram of 3 month old abortion


2. That they should feel no sadness.

Single mother, 21, hanged herself 


3.“It’s my body”


4 .“it’s my choice”

Choice to do what?


  1. ONE MILLION Babies a year are murdered during the bonding of mother and child.
  2. Women do this because a thought has persuaded her to kill her child.
  3. Being told it is ‘good for women’, the post abortive woman will get severely ill and often commit suicide.
  4.  We Do not see the people who were never here. Our family never born, our classmates, our sports stars, our pastors and wise men, our comedians.
  5. As of this writing 59,000,000 little boys and little girls have been aborted since 1973 & 1000s of women have committed suicide.
  6. There is no ‘issue’ that comes close to this in urgency. We must, as Americans, as an empathetic people rise up and end the Holocaust.

   Please Help End this by voting ProLife:

When you vote, vote Pro-Life. By voting pro-life you protect women from a predatory billion dollar abortion industry designed to perform as many abortions as possible to make as much money as possible.

When you vote Pro-Life you are voting for the Civil Rights of every person not born.

Women will always be able to get abortions in certain circumstances, but placing common sense limits makes sense to protect the woman and the baby.

Please Vote for Donald Trump and Pro-Life senators and governors.




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CBS NEWS : Abortion tied to sharp decline in women’s mental health



Hillary’s Crime Bill Starved Millions

The 1994 Crime Bill , which Hillary helped her husband sell to the American Public, included ‘welfare reform’. People who are felons are no longer able to get food stamps or welfare. Since that time 1000s of poor people starved to death, and others just starved. Although many states have recently decided to pull away from the crime bill, many more have kept either all, or part of the law.

The victims of the Crime Bill are not talked about in the Democrat controlled media, they are ignored, and instead we are told to be outraged over Trump speaking with foul language.

Have you ever been really hungry? Many Americans haven’t. Food is readily available to almost all Americans. But for millions of non-violent offenders, they face real hunger. They would work if they could get hired. But if  they can’t get work, then they have to depend on food pantries and family.

Usually people in this situation make it by. For 1000s however, especially felons who were handicapped or very old, felons without families and friends, they simply starve to death, forgotten & alone because of the Clinton’s Crime Bill.

Under Hillary Clinton’s lead, this country has caused a war in Iraq that led to almost a million deaths, she destroyed Libya, locked up 100s of thousands of black men in prison for non-violent offenses. This Mass Incarceration coupled with Welfare Reform decimates 1000s of black families. This leads to more crime , more divorce, more mental illness, and less parents for black children.

With the election only 4 weeks away, Hillary has not committed to erasing the violence of the Crime Bill. Instead, in new leaks today of her Wall St. speeches that she tried to suppress, we learned that she told bankers that what she says to the public is different than what she says in private.

Starvation, Wars, Two Faced Lying, all the hallmarks of Hillary Clinton.